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Special Dummies
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Chukkaduk Bird Dog Dummy
The "Chukkaduk" Bird Dog Dummy is a perfect alternative for a real game. Its special form imitate..
Inc Tax: £10.99
Dokken Dead Fowl Orange
Deadfowl training dummy bodies are made of a soft natural-feel foam with free swinging hard plastic ..
Inc Tax: £33.99
Mystique 3 Part Dummy
The Mystique® dummy "3-part junior" 1 kg is suitable for younger dogs and as an introduction to work..
Inc Tax: £16.99
Mystique Speed Ball Dummy
150g Speedball for retrieving training. It offers an alternative to other common dummies for dogs..
Inc Tax: £5.85
Realistic Bunny Dummy
Realistic Bunny Dummy - Small These dummies are realistic copy of rabbits so it is very good trai..
Inc Tax: £44.99
ST Launcher Dummy
Canvas Dummy For Launcher Available in colours red, white, orange and green The canvas launcher ..
Inc Tax: £13.80
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